Comcast Triple Play Installer (on-going contract work)

Albright Cabling
Job Description
Job Description
Albright Cabling is currently looking for 40+ experienced Comcast Triple Play
installers with minimum of 1-years’ experience for Installation of Comcast Triple
Play around the York and Harrisburg, PA area.
Albright Cabling is responsible for large scale installations ranging from CATV only
installs to full cable, internet (broadband) and phone.
Please NOTE: This will be on-going work throughout Central Pennsylvania.
Requirements are:
Pass a background check and drug test
Own a work ready and presentable van (white for Comcast)
28Ft Ladder
Hand tools
GL Insurance
Valid driver's license
Job Description for an Installer Technician:
As a Comcast Triple Play Technician, you should have knowledge in handling tools
and technology that assist in installing Cable TV, Internet (Broadband) and Phone
services. Relevant equipment includes signal strength meters, toners, cable boxes,
internet modems, IP phone systems and more.
Daily skills that are required to efficiently do the job:
Maintain professional contact with customers at all times
Read RF levels that signify if there are issues with customer's services and repair any
issue before leaving the residence
Pull the above levels using appropriate software such as Home Health Check
Maintain communication with supervisor and dispatch involving trouble shooting,
error completes and time management
Maintain work truck appearance, organize truck to limit loss of equipment and tools
and come to work dressed in the appropriate uniform
Close and code out all jobs with proper codes

Essential Duties of an Installer Technician:
Continuing knowledge of all systems to be able to complete new connects, reconnects,
change of services, upgrades and downgrades
Maintain connections from tap to customer equipment
Verify all services are active that are listed on customers work order
Provide customer education on all installed equipment
Physical Requirements for an Installer Technician:
Lifting up to 80 lbs at a full range of motion
Use of tools for various physical activities like digging a trench for a bury drop
Ability to climb a ladder, not afraid of heights and be in confined spaces like an attic
Utilize proper safety equipment at all times
Work outdoors in the elements

Please send resume’s and experience records to :
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